Free XBOX Live This Weekend

I own an XBOX 360. I didn't stand in line to get it, but I have one and that means that my personal video game nerd percentage is at least at 72% (with only PC-based online roll playing game geeks and first person shooter/LAN party throwers coming in higher at 83% and 92.65%, respectively). Though I don't get to play them as much as I'd like, I DO own four games - Call Of Duty (f-ing amazing), Gun (so-so), Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (I just got this one but it seems sick), and NBA 2K6 (we'll come back to this one in a second). These games, even the one that's "so-so," have literally surpassed my dream of "what video games will be like in 15 years" when I was having the discussion with a friend named Matt back in 1991 over a game of Lakers vs Celtics on my Sega Genesis.

Anyway, now that my long-winded babble has ensured that the only people still reading this are gaming nerds, let me get down to the good stuff.

This weekend, anyone with an XBOX 360 will have free access to XBOX Live Gold courtesy of the folks at Verizon. So if you have a 360, but haven't experienced the joys of online gaming (like me), then click here and get the details. The whole thing is sponsored by Verizon so they're giving away a bunch of stuff and running promotions all weekend, etc.

This brings me back to NBA 2K6, the single greatest basketball simulator to exist in the known universe (the players' jerseys and shorts actually move independently from their bodies. That's some next level shit right there.). One of the weekend's promotions is a chance to play Kamal of The Roots in NBA 2K6. On Friday from 3-5pm Kamal will virtually lace 'em up as gammertag "RootsGWF," so go try to kick his ass. I think I might give it a shot. He better be wearing his headset too, so I can hear the agony in his voice as I, using the Cleveland Cavaliers, blow him out by at least 15.

Free XBOX Live This Weekend