A Double Dose Of Damon Albarn

It is only fitting that a flood of Damon Albarn related news should pop up today, as now he is just taunting me. After leaving Editors' after-party last night fairly late, it turns out that Mr. Albarn made an appearance at the shindig literally minutes later, along with Gorillaz cohort Jamie Hewlett. If I had only enjoyed one more beverage before leaving, I could have met Albarn. Figures.

With the appearance of the Gorillaz crew, that must mean they are now in town for their upcoming NYC Apollo Theater performances. Kicking off on April 2, the group's Demon Days Live concerts will feature album collaborators including De La Soul and the Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder. Motorola has joined forces with the animated group for these shows, allowing the crowd to download exclusive Gorillaz content, such as wallpapers, animation and a demo of a yet to be released mobile game. These Apollo dates keep getting cooler and cooler.

In other Damon Albarn news, Blur is officially working on their next album. Bassist Alex James told XFM: "We all got together before Christmas. Damon, Dave (Rowntree, drummer) and I and were making the most nasty, dirty, filthy rock music I think we've ever made... it was great."

He also noted that the noisy, aggressive music for the album may be completed towards the end of the year. James added: "Foo Fighters are gonna wet their pants when they hear it."

A Double Dose Of Damon Albarn