Grow Your Own Super Mario 1up Mushroom

While chilling on the sofa yesterday afternoon, I finally got to catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs. Somehow I stumbled upon the website, which sells some random nerd-ish gifts. One of the items available for purchase totally stood out, which I am even contemplating ordering for myself. For those of you who grew up in the old-school days of Super Mario Bros., you are gonna love this.

You can now grow your own 1up mushroom! Remember that green and white mushroom that gave Mario an extra life? Now you can relive those lazy days in front of your Nintendo, dropping down sewer pipes, collecting coins and jumping on turtles. The kit comes with everything you need, except for potting soil.

The instructions seem pretty simple. After adding potting soil to the sewer pipe-shaped pot, you plop in the spores, soak the soil, add some food solution and place it in a dark location for a few weeks. Before long you'll have a perfect 1up mushroom of your very own! While the packet claims that eating the 1up mushroom will grant "immortal life beyond dreams of man," it also comes with the warning of "do not put in face." To be safe, I'd just pass on eating this one.

I am ordering mine today. To get a 1up mushroom for yourself, click here.

Grow Your Own Super Mario 1up Mushroom