Mike Doughty Runs For Senate

Ex-Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty is going the way of the Bono (Sunny Bono that is). Yes, the veteran rocker will be throwing his hat into the political ring and beginning a campaign for Senate. It's the New York State Senate, representing the 7th District (comprising most of Northern Nassau County, Long Island), but still... nothing to scoff at.

Doughty will be running on a two-pronged platform that will include (a) a moderate raise in property tax to raise subsidies for Nassau County's soy gluten farmers, and (b) defusing tensions between Nassau County authorities and the local chapter of Busboys' Guild, which have apparently "spun out of control in recent months," according to a spokesperson for Doughty.

Rock & Roll!!!

Official Mike Doughty For Senate website

So... Apparently this was an April Fools joke, which totally makes sense because that photo of Doughty with George Pataki looks TOTALLY Photoshopped. Consider me fooled.

Mike Doughty Runs For Senate