Rock Of Ages

October 13, 2005

The Early Man album dropped this Tuesday, and if you haven't yet been exposed to the rock duo's unique brand of pulverizing mind-warpery via the internets (or the CD jukebox at Max Fish), run out to the store and get exposed, gotdamnit! For the remaining skeptics, Matador has two mp3s and an "album medley" available for download, and the label's always-entertaining email newsletter just hit us with the megaton knowledge jewel that is "Early Man's Top Ten Heavy Jams For October" - click more and get schooled.

Early Man's Top Ten Heavy Jams For October

1. 'Crash Course In Brain Surgery' - Budgie

2. 'Evil' - Cactus (best guitar solo of all time)

3. 'Free To Be Stoned' - Clark Hutchinson

4. 'Black Sally' - Human Instinct

5. 'Take You Home' - Juan De La Cruz

6. 'Forever My Queen' - Pentagram

7. 'Bloodsucker' - Deep Purple

8. 'Smoking the Day Away' - May Blitz

9. 'Kingdom Come' - Sir Lord Baltimore

10. 'Sucking My Love' - Diamond Head

Posted: October 13, 2005
Rock Of Ages