Three Amigos

April 06, 2006

Soon to be making its way to a mixtape near you is a remix of Kanye's "Touch The Sky" where, after KW talks about "feeling like Bad Boy's street team - I couldn't work the Lox," the record spins down and the Lox come on to spit. Not D-Block, not Jada featuring Styles and Sheek, but THE MOTHERFUCKING LOX.

We can't remember the last time we heard the trio rapping together like this. Not just trading lines back and forth, but actually sounding happy - talking about teaching the seeds and getting some new Lacostes. Don't get us wrong, all that old Yonkers vitriol against Fiddy/Puffy/George Bush/Jim McGreevey was great (save for maybe the McGreevey air-out on the "Why" remix - can't a dude live? With dudes? We digress.) but it's refreshing to see some of our favorites unclench their screwfaces for a minute.

While it's impossible to sound anything less than good-times over "Touch The Sky"'s Curtis-via-Just BLAAAAAAZE horns (even Freeway's "Never Testify" version), this Lox jam does make us wonder what's in store on the "Celebrate" part of the group's perpetually forthcoming Live, Suffer, Celebrate LP. As much as we love the "2 Gunz Up" and "Kiss Of Death" joints...keep smiling, dudes.

Posted: April 06, 2006
Three Amigos