Mew Bassist Leaves, Becomes Father

Its funny that I was just geeking out on them last week and now more Mew news has hit. According to their official site, bass player Johan Wohlert has left the band that has been around for about ten years. Johan is going to become a dad and feels that he needs to spend some time with his new family, while not holding back the other guys. The split off is amicable with the rest of the band, and this will not change the album coming out this summer in the States, nor will it affect the upcoming tour that is also going to happen this summer. Congratulations Johan!
In a message on their website Johan stated:

To step out of this band is one of the most terrifying things I have done in my entire life. But it is a necessary step because my life has entered a new and important phase.

I have dedicated most of my adult life to the dream I had with my three very close friends Silas, Jonas and Bo. Mew will always be my band, there is no doubt about that. Sure it wont be the same band without me, but I know it can be something new and exciting. I know that Silas, Jonas and Bo will embrace the new creative challenges with the same musical curiosity and backwards thinking that the band always has.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there who have believed in and supported Mew. I am very proud of what we have accomplished; the big concerts, the platinum and gold selling records in Denmark, and the insisting on always doing things in our own way!

On top of this I of course feel very privileged and honoured to have experienced the loyal support from Mew fans all over the world. Thank you everyone for making this period in my life so special.

The rest of Mew stated on their website:

Dear Frengers,
We are sad to be announcing today that Johan is no longer a member of Mew. We have had many great experiences together, we practically grew up together, and he will be missed.

Yes this is sad, but we have to remember the reasons why Johan is leaving: he is going to be a Dad. A new and important chapter begins in his life and we wish him all the best. Bon Voyage Giovanni!

We have already found a new Bass Player who will play the live shows with us the same way Dr Watts does and all shows will take place as planned. There will however be no new full member of Mew.

To Frengers everywhere we want to say this: do not worry for the future of Mew. We feel very good at the moment, we are having a great time playing live and we are already writing songs for our new record. We await the future eagerly...

Lots of love,

Silas, Jonas and Bo



Mew Bassist Leaves, Becomes Father