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Download Two New Gorillaz Remixes

You just thought that you were done hearing about Gorillaz from us, didn't you? Well think again because the Easter Bunny is planning on bringing you a special treat from them today. As a springtime bonus, both "El Manana" and "Kids With Guns" have been remixed and are available as downloads. The "Kids With Guns Jamie T Remix" is downloadable from iTunes, and the "El Manana Metronomy Remix" is located at Napster UK.

On the new tunes, and association with Damon Albarn, band member Murdoc states, "Absolutely gobsmacking! I know whatshisface gave us a hand with the record and, yes, a great big round of applause to him and his Gorillaz 'tribute act' concerts in Harlem, but who the hell is this bloke to say when it's time to pull the plugs on MY band? Seriously. And incidentally, I think I may be overstepping the mark here, but I personally can't really see a next album for Blur. Think Tank was probably the best album they could make, so maybe a couple of gigs in Las Vegas then I'd put the whole thing to bed. Unbelievable!"

One crappy catch though. The tunes are linked through the UK, so us Americans are SOL.

Download Two New Gorillaz Remixes