Daniel Johnston Plays LA, Exhibits Art In NYC, Gets Honored In London

Ten years of struggling to gain acceptance in the music and art worlds would be enough to make most men throw in the towel and get a job at MacDonald's, but not Daniel Johnston. He's been making music and art in relative obscurity (save for a few minutes in the '90s when Kurt Cobain wore his t-shirt) for more than twice that long.

But finally, after 23 years as a struggling artist, Johnston is having the year of his life. For starters, on March 31, Sony Pictures Classics released the Sundance award-winning film The Devil And Daniel Johnston, a documentary about his troubled yet exceptional life.

Earlier this year, Johnston's visual artwork was included in the Whitney Museum's Biennial exhibit in NYC, while the Clementine Gallery (also in NYC) curated The Story Of An Artist: Daniel Johnston, a retrospective exhibit.

Last week, Johnston performed at a tribute concert in his honor at Barbican Hall in London featuring Teenage Fanclub, Vic Chesnutt, Jason Pierce of Spiritualized, James Yorkston and Howe Gelb.

Tomorrow, April 18, Johnston will release his first greatest hits collection. Called Welcome To My World, the album features 21 Johnston classics and will drop via Eternal Yip Eye Music, the Johnston family's own label.

Finally, on May 4, Johnston will make his way to LA for a special, intimate performance at Spaceland, his first gig in that city in over five years. While in LA Johnston will stop by for a visit and performance at the Henry Rollins Show (airing on the IFC channel).

Welcome To My World Track Listing:

01. "Peek A Boo"
02. "Casper The Friendly Ghost"

03. "Some Things Last A Long Time"
04. "Walking The Cow"
05. "I'm Nervous"
06. "Man Obsessed"

07. "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your
08. "Never Before, Never Again"
09. "The Sun Shines Down On Me"
10. "Chord Organ Blues"
11. "Living Life"

12. "Speeding Motorcycle"

13. "True Love Will Find You In The End"
14. "Never Relaxed"
15. "Sorry Entertainer"

16. "Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A
George Jones Outta Me"
17. "The Lennon Song"
18. "Devil Town"
19. "Laurie"

20. "Story Of An Artist"
21. "Funeral Home"

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Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Daniel Johnston Plays LA, Exhibits Art In NYC, Gets Honored In London