Peeping Tom Album Preview

Mike Patton, the mad scientist behind Faith No More, Fantmas, Tomahawk and plenty of other rock projects, has returned with the upcoming release of his four-year in the making album as Peeping Tom. This multi-genre album features Dan The Automator, Kool Keith, Massive Attack, Rahzel, Dub Trio, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Norah Jones and many more. The debut Peeping Tom album hits stores on May 30 via Patton's own Ipecac Recordings.

Peeping Tom
01. "Five Seconds" (featuring Odd Nosdam)
02. "Mojo" (featuring Rahzel and Dan the Automator)
03. "Don't Even Trip" (featuring Amon Tobin)
04. "Getaway" (featuring Kool Keith)
05. "Your Neighborhood Spaceman" (featuring Jel and Odd Nosdam)
06. "Kill The DJ" (featuring Massive Attack)
07. "Caipirinha" (featuring Bebel Gilberto)
08. "Celebrity Death Match" (featuring Kid Koala)
09. "How U Feelin?" (featuring Doseone)
10. "Sucker" (featuring Norah Jones)
11. "We're Not Alone" (featuring Dub Trio)

Peeping Tom Album Preview