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Rock City

Philly-illy-ah-bah-bah!!! Yeah so we don't have our fingers crossed that our boy (and yours) Peedi Crakk will be one of the surprise guests, but that doesn't mean that we won't be sending our super sonic scouts to the City Of Bro Love all next week for homegrown jamz. The third annual Thrilladelphia festival is upon us, and there's a zillion bands we haven't heard of playing (we're an emerging music magazine - IT'S OUR JOB TO KNOW) and a pocketful we have heard of (Bardo Pond, the Capital Years, etc). Given that a handful of our favorite bands of late have come from Philly, and given that we always get uproariously drunk there, and given that the city has some awesome venues and much nicer people than New York, we will be in attendance. Plus Dr Dog will be part of some kind of "super" group situation on Saturday the 29th, and that's bound to shred. Some have accused the Dog of being a jam band - maybe this will settle it.

Rock City