Dr. Octagon Returns

Dr. Octagon is back! It has been seven years since Dr. Doooom murdered Dr. Octagon on the opening track of Dooom's First Come First Served. Or so we thought, as he marks his return on June 27th with the release of The Return Of Dr. Octagon.

Kool Keith has been an important part of hip hop since he began with the NY crew The Ultramagnetic MCs back in 1987. After releasing albums under various different projects, he received volumes of praise for his 1996 classic Dr. Octagonecologyst. The album was produced by Dan The Automator and featured Q-bert on the ones and twos. This was truly a landmark moment for all three artists involved.

After staying out of the public eye for a few years, Kool Keith has returned with the next installment from Dr. Octagon. He partnered up with the Berlin based One Watt Sun, consisting of producers/djs/musicians Ben Green, Simon Walbrook and John Lindland. They have shared the stage with New Order, Radiohead, Fugazi and many more, which should make for an interesting musical backdrop for Keith's rhymes about dying trees, peanut-butter-assisted stalking encounters and gorillas driving pickup trucks.

Guest artists on the new album include badass turntable extraordinaire DJ Dexter of the Avalanches, who appears on the track "Ants." Princess Superstar also lends her talents to the song "Eat It." I got a sneak peek at a few of the new tracks, including "Ants", and I can promise you that it is damn cool. Welcome back Dr. Octagon!

The Return Of Dr. Octagon
01. "Our Operators Are Masturbating"
02. "Trees"
03. "Aliens"
04. "Ants"
05. "Don_t Worry MZ Pop Music"
06. "Perfect World"
07. "The Turtle Skit"
08. "Al Green"
09. "A Gorillaz Driving A Pick-Up Truck"
10. "Got Any Kids_"
11. "Doctor Octagon"
12. "It's The Morning"
13. "Jumpstart"
14. "Eat It"

Dr. Octagon Returns