Lookout Co-Owner Molly Neuman Launches New Label

Playing an instrumental role in signing The Donnas, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Ted Leo and countless others to Lookout! Records, a label which she co-owns with Chris Appelgren, Molly Neuman has clearly established herself as a music biz player.

Neuman, who is also known as a founding member of seminal riot grrrl band Bratmobile, is now setting her sights on another venture, a brand new label called Simple Social Graces Discos. Distributed through Lumberjack Mordam Music Group, the label was formed "to promote the most exciting emerging artists from the global underground."

The label's debut release will come from Barcelona-based band Les Aus. The album is called Haranna Hanne and it will street on June 6.

Forthcoming release include a Ted Leo single and music from Madrid's Grabba Grabba Tape and Campamento Nec Nec, as well as LA's Fast Forward.

"Simple Social Graces Discos is about love. Love of music, friends, fun, ideas, and punk. When it's not fun, it's not done. Making records should be a beautiful thing. We will remember that records are RECORDS OF TIME. Recording moments in history and documenting creativity, energy, and passion," says Neuman, "Simple Social Graces Discos is not about market share or marketing or competition or winning. We are about love and friends and ruling."



Lookout Co-Owner Molly Neuman Launches New Label