Owen Pallett Poos Clouds

Owen Pallett, the violin player for Arcade Fire, is releasing his second album under the name Final Fantasy. Yes, he picked that name as a tribute to the videogame series of the same name. This should come as to no surprise, as Pallett scored a videogame soundtrack at the age of 12.

He Poos Clouds. Insert your own bodily function joke here. Pallett began the creation of the new album by writing out a list of requirements for the material:

1. A set of songs that attempt to modernize each of the eight D&D schools of magic
2. Every song will be written for string quartet and voice
3. Nobody who listens to it will ever again entertain thoughts of suicide.

So his project name is in honor of a videogame series, his album title is about pooping out clouds and the songs' subject matter is based around Dungeons and Dragons. I'm speechless. Pick up a copy of He Poos Clouds when it hits stores on May 15 via the Tomlab label. He has also announced a small run of tour dates, with more to come.

06.23.06 - Cambirdge, MA (TT The Bear's)
06.24.06 - New York, NY (Tonic)
06.28.06 - Columbus, OH (Little Brothers)
06.29.06 - Cincinnati, OH (Alchemize)
06.30.06 - North Manchester, IN (The Firehouse)

Owen Pallett Poos Clouds