Need Help Navigating The New

As previously reported on The Tripwire, about a month ago KCRW launched a new website, If you haven't checked it out yet, the kids over at KCRW have given us a breakdown of their programming available on it. Each program is two hours and repeats three times a day. All times are PST.


New Ground with Chris Douridas (streams at Noon, 8pm, 4am)
Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt (streams at 2pm, 10pm, 6am)
Metropolis with Jason Bentley (streams at 4pm, midnight, 8am)
The A Track with Anne Litt (streams at 6pm, 2am, 10am)

The Sound Garden with Kristina Anderson (streams at Noon, 8pm, 4am)
Pop Secret with Cathy Tamkin (streams at 2pm, 10pm, 6am)
Nocturna with Raul Campos (streams at 4pm, midnight, 8am)
Connections with Scott Silva (streams at 6pm, 2am, 10am)

Additionally the team has given us some insight in how to navigate the new site. According to them, to hear Morning Becomes Eclectic or Metropolis live, switch your streaming channel to the simulcast of KCRW's on-air broadcast at the respective time; playlists for the live shows are at and playlists for shows are at (check the NOW PLAYING feature clearly planted in the middle of the homepage); and if you live in New York, San Francisco or Washington D.C. - you can win tickets to Presents shows from the new site.

Got that? Good! Oh yeah, and they are also offering up two brand spankin' new podcasts called Today's Top Tune, where one song a day is chosen that represents KCRW and their varied formats, and The Buzz, a short commentary that will feature the best in new music pop culture and critics with Eric Lawrence, Celia Hirschman, Rob Long, Brian Raftery and Nancy Miller.

Today's Top Tune (Artist, Song, Album):

04.20.06 - Plastilina Mosh, Baretta 89, Sounds Eclectico (KCRW)

04.21.06 - Gang of 4, Natural's Not In It, Morning Becomes Eclectic live session

04.24.06 - Merz, Postcard From A Dark Star, Loveheart

04.25.06 - Mia Doi Todd, My Room Is White (Flying Lotus Remix), La Ninja

04.26.06 - Lila Downs, Cumbia del Mole, La Cantina

Need Help Navigating The New