Theme Of Jack White's Coke Ad Is A Rip Off? Nope!

After reading our post on the Jack White Coke ad thing, one of our readers sent us an interesting tidbit of info. It seems that Jack White's Coke ad and Japanese director Nagi Noda's music video for the song "Sentimental Journey" have more than a little bit in common. Here's what she said:

Hi There,

Just watched the Jack White coca-cola commercial and my mouth dropped. Not because Jack White sold out by writing a song for coke, personally, I don't care and I think it's a good song, but because coca-cola stole the video idea from Japanese director Nagi Noda (for the music video "Sentimental Journey")

See link...(it takes a bit to kick in)

Now that's what I call sell out city. My two cents. Thought you'd like to see it.


Lisa Clapperton


So go check it out and decide for yourself.



Turns out that, uh... Ms. Nagi Noda directed the Coke ad too, and we're dorks for posting Miss Clapperton's comments without double-checking. Thanks to our loyal readership for nipping this little problem in the bud faster than the speed of light.

Theme Of Jack White's Coke Ad Is A Rip Off? Nope!