Ben Lee Goes Podcasting

Aussie singer-songwriter Ben Lee has launched his own podcast. Available through iTunes, the podcast is described as such:

"A podcast for hungry hearts. Step inside the world of Ben Lee. Music that inspires him, interviews with people he loves, and generally whatever is on his mind."

The first episode is basically just Ben and Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Jen Cloher sitting in a hotel room and chatting about random stuff - god, drugs, music, etc. The charming Mr. Lee prefaces his podcast by saying that he has no idea which direction it will take or how often it will come out, but he's doing it to fulfill his active imagination (or something like that).

The first episode also includes a new Cloher song with Ben Lee singing a harmony part that he learned literally two seconds before recording it. So that's kind of cool, but even though the young man is quite animated, if you're not a die hard Ben Lee fan, this might not be for you.

Ben Lee

Ben Lee Goes Podcasting