Chris Martin Has More Money Than You

Since the weather is turning to shit here in NYC this weekend, how about a reminder as to how much richer Coldplay is than you? Let the misery rain down! This week the Sunday Times released their Rich List 2006, running down the wealthiest young entertainers in the UK. The number one spot was taken by violinist Vanessa-Mae Nicholson, who has accumulated over £32 million. Damn.

Coldplay's Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion took over spots three thru six, each worth £25 million. Jack White managed to appear on the list via his marriage to Karen Elson, who together have a fat bank account of around £20 million. Here is the top 10 list of the UK's richest young entertainers. I'll be hiding under my desk quietly weeping.

1. Vanessa Mae - £32 million
2. Kiera Chaplin - £30 million
3. Guy Berryman - £25 million
4. Jon Buckland - £25 million
5. Will Champion - £25 million
6. Chris Martin - £25 million
7. Karen Elson and Jack White - £20 million
8. Orlando Bloom - £14 million
9. Daniel Radcliffe - £14 million
10. Kate Winslet - £12 million

Chris Martin Has More Money Than You