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00:00:01    Dr. Octagon "Ants" (World's Fair/OCD Int'l)
00:03:03    break one
00:04:44    The Little Ones "Lovers Who Uncover" (Branches Recording Collective)
00:08:54    Amy Millan "Skinny Boy" (Arts+Crafts)
00:12:14    The Playwrights "Dislocated" (Sink & Stove)
00:15:53    break two
00:17:10    The Presets "Are You The One?" (Modular)
00:20:31    Naked Babes "Fuckin' Dumbell Party" (unsigned)
00:23:02    The Futureheads "Skip To The End" (679/StarTime)
00:25:53    break three
00:27:09    Division Day "Lights Out" (unsigned)

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The Tripwire Podcast