inny Boy

"Skinny Boy" is the first released track from Amy Millan's first solo album, Honey From The Tombs. Millan is the proud owner of the transcendent voice that graces Stars and Broken Social Scene albums. She does not stretch very far outside the lines from her Stars' sound on "Skinny Boy," which is one of the song's best qualities. On first listen, it's impossible not to hear a dash of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King Of Carrot Flowers." But who cares? If Otis Redding, The Ramones, or Hank Williams decided to trash a song because they had already written one with the same chord progression, we'd be out a lot of drinking songs.

Amy sounds as good as she ever has on "Skinny Boy," and for that reason, we here at Tripwire love it. This woman somehow has a way of sounding like she defies everything that anyone has ever known about singing. Hearing her sing, "You've got lips I could spend a day with" would make plastic melt. Has anyone ever wished for World Peace? Well, I guarantee you if the whole world listened to "Skinn Boy" at the same time, we would all get along much better.

You can download the song for free here

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inny Boy