Metric's Emily Haines Prepares Solo Album

When Emily Haines isn't busy recording and touring with Metric, or fantasizing about owning Spin, she just happens to be working on her solo album. Yes, the frontwoman for the Toronto quartet Metric will be releasing her debut solo album, Knives Don't Have Your Back, on September 26 via Last Gang Records.

This was definitely a labor of love, written and recorded over four years in Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and New York. This mellow collection of songs features plenty of collaborations, including Scott Minor from Sparklehorse, Justin Peroff from Broken Social Scene, Stars' Evan Cranley and Metric's Jimmy Shaw.

Knives was produced by John O'Mahony, who has also worked with Metric as well as the Strokes and System Of A Down. Hopefully we will get a of sample Haines' solo record before long. Until then, peep the tracklisting.

Knives Don't Have Your Back
01. "Our Hell"
02. "The Lottery"
03. "Doctor Blind"
04. "Nothing & Nowhere"
05. "Crowd Surf Off A Cliff"
06. "The Maid Needs A Maid"
07. "Mostly Waving"
08. "City Of Night"
09. "Reading In Bed"
10. "Detective Daughter"
11. "Winning"
12. "The Last Page"

Metric's Emily Haines Prepares Solo Album