The Streets' Mike Skinner Talks About His New Album, Track By Track

Those crazy kids at Vice have come up with another really good idea in the whole, “how do I market my band in new and exciting ways,” category. When The Streets’ Mike Skinner was in NYC recently, the Vice gang sat him down and made him listen to his new album, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living, straight through and had him give commentary on each track. Interestingly enough, it was the first time Mike had actually listened to the album in its entirety (in the proper sequence and such). They video taped the whole thing, spliced the commentary into 11 downloadable, iPod ready video tracks and gave them to two fab music blogs to post – one new track each day – for the next 10 days or so.

So head over to Music For Robots or Lemon Red and see what Mike has to say about his own record. Subtitles are not provided.

The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living is out today.

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The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living album review

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