Look At Who You're Talking To

Human Television is one of those bands that needs to be heard, plain and simple. I first became acquainted with them about three years ago when they released a little EP titled All Songs Written By: Human Television. Their catchy jangley pop songs seeped into my brain and reminded me of The Wedding Present and The Smiths. The problem was that I wanted more, and didn't know that I would end up waiting close to three years to get additional songs from their sonic repertoire. Now, with a change of address from the band and change of times, the band is finally releasing their debut LP, Look At Who You're Talking To.

It should come as no surprise to their fans that with those shifts, a change in their sound was made too. Before you freak out, stop. They still have some of those head-bobbing tunes that you could envision being sandwiched between REM and Galaxie 500 on VH1 Classic's Alternative, such as with "Tonight's The Night," the first single "In Front Of The House," and "Mars Red Rust," but now, the band is spreading their wings and broadening what they are already capable of, with the help of Chris Zane. Human Television waste no time in bringing their new sound to the masses. The first track on the album, "I'm Moving On," ironically showcases it with echoing vocals and shoegazer guitars. I say ironically because this was actually the first song that the band ever wrote and recorded together. Rumor has it that if you email the band they will send you the demo. Another instance where this direction happens is with "Untitled," which is halfway through the album and makes a great division between beginning and end. As much as I hate to make this comparison (mainly because you wont believe me until you hear it), but "Untitled" sounds like Radiohead. With processed beats and vocal effects to the max, this song builds slowly before erupting into a full on wall of noise. Another favorite is "Look At Who You're Talking To," the last/acoustic secret track song, which features a beautiful string section is proof that this record could break the band into greater things.

Human Television's debut LP comes out May 2 via Giagantic Music, and if you know what is good for you, you'll pick it up. Just like the album artwork, Look At Who You're Talking To is colorful, bright and rich with textures. It is the perfect album for Spring.

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Look At Who You're Talking To