April 14, 2005

WILD PROMO! is not just for oversized Dipshirts anymore: snug American Apparel joints can get a swag bag blog shout as well.

Last night we went to the almost-penthouse of 60 Thompson to hear the first of the two new SOAD records. It was a 37-minute blastation of rock and fuckin' roll for the nation of Serj-loving kiddies and ex-kiddies.

Also there were madd dudes from Guitar World there for the love of the riffs and such.

Now we're going to Cherry Bomb in Green Pizzle to have this Mezmerize Incan/Mayan/Hoodoo/Wedoo shit tatooed on our backs. Holler at cotton tank tops, coach's shorts, aviators and some flip-flops. Get your toes right people!

Posted: April 14, 2005