Fiery Friedberger Drops Debut Solo Album

Who needs sisters anyway? All they do is tell your friends embarrassing stories from your childhood and spend too much time in the bathroom getting ready. Apparently 1/2 of the Fiery Furnaces, Matt Friedberger, came to this same conclusion... well, kinda. Matt Friedberger has ditched his sis and co-Furnace member Eleanor (just temporarily) for the release of his debut solo album. A constant over-achiever, Friedberger's debut album is actually a double disc called Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School. Women is actually intended to be a summer record and, according to the press release at least, is a more straightforward, accessible pop record, while Holy Ghost is a freaked out, experimental outing.

Matt Friedberger wrote and sang all of the songs and played all of the instruments himself (except for some drumming courtesy of Tortoise's John McEntire on a few tracks).

Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School will be released on August 8 via newly formed, upstate NY-based indie 859 Recordings.

Winter Women Track Listing:

01. "Under The Hood At The Paradise Garage"
02. "The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co. Resignation Letter"
03. "Up The River"
04. "Ruth versus Richard"
05. "Her Chinese Typewriter"
06. "Big Bill Crib & His Ladies Of The Desert"
07. "Don't You Remember?"
08. "Betcha Don't"
09. "PS.213 Mini School"
10. "Theme From Never Going Home Again"
11. "Motorman"

12. "Quick As Cupid"
13. "I Love You Cedric"
14. "Servant In Distress"
15. "Hialeah"

16. "Wisconsin River Blues"

Holy Ghost Language School track listing:

01. "Seventh Loop Highway"
02. "Holy Ghost Language School"
03. "The Cross And The Switchblade"
04. "I Started Drinking Alcohol At The Age Of Eleven"

05. "Do You Like Blondes?"
06. "Azusa St."
07. "Topeka And San Antonio"
08. "A Mystical Preparative To Lewdness"
09. "Ship Scrap Beach Business"
10. "First Day Of School"
11. "Things Were Going So Well"
12. "All In Vain Or The Opposite"
13. "Moral And Epilouge"
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Fiery Friedberger Drops Debut Solo Album