Watch/Listen To New Futureheads Music

As previously reported, The Futureheads have finished writing and recording their sophomore album, News And Tributes. The band currently has their new single, "Skip To The End", streaming on their MySpace page. If you are a visual learner, you can watch their video for "Skip To The End" by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Watch "Skip To The End" video
Futureheads MySpace
The Futureheads

News And Tributes
01. "Yes/No"
02. "Cope"
03. "Fallout"
04. "Skip To The End"
05. "Burnt"
06. "News And Tributes"
07. "Return Of The Beserker"
08. "Back To The Sea"
09. "Worry About It Later"
10. "Favours For Favours"
11. "Thursday"
12. "Face"

Watch/Listen To New Futureheads Music