Free Tickets For The Fever @ Bowery | NYC

The Fever's sophomore album, In The City Of Sleep, is fucking great. It's a ballsy leap into true artistic expression that throws caution to the wind in order to make something, dare I say... genius. I popped off about it back in March - check it out.

Anyway, the band is celebrating the release of their masterpiece this weekend with a hometown gig at NYC's Bowery Ballroom on May 6 with special guests The Detachment Kit and Skeletonbreath, and if their recent show in Chicago is any indication, it's going be VERY worth attending.

You can buy tickets here, or you can email me instead and maybe get a free pair. I have two pairs to give away, so hit me up with the quickness.

You can also download two new tracks from In The City Of Sleep, or peep a trailer for the forthcoming video for "Waiting For The Centipede" (directed by The Fever).

The Fever
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Free Tickets For The Fever @ Bowery | NYC