Jim Noir Inks Deal With Barsuk

A couple weeks ago, I gave you the heads up on this quirky dude from the UK who's sorta like a mix between Brian Wilson, Pepper-era Beatles and, well... some sort of mad musical scientist guy that locks himself away in an old castle and cranks out amazing songs one after the other. His name is Jim Noir, and his debut album is called Tower Of Love.

Interestingly enough, it was a couple of Barsuk employees who first turned me on to Jim down in Austin this year and now, Mr. Noir is the newest member of that label's roster. Congrats to both parties!

Tower Of Love, which was released in the UK last December, will hit shelves in the US on August 8 and will include a different track sequence than it's UK counterpart and possibly some bonus tracks.

Noir will perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer. A club tour will follow. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, you can go to his website and stream a couple of tracks. Link below.

Jim Noir

Jim Noir Inks Deal With Barsuk