Peter And The Wolf Goes On Weirdest Tour Ever

Red Hunter, AKA Peter And The Wolf, is no stranger to odd touring choices. In the past he has played abandoned busses, under bridges and in graveyards. This summer, the Austin artist will go on one of the weirdest tours ever as the only transportation for the last leg of the tour will be a sailboat. Is it a statement on the nation's current energy crisis? Or is it adventure? Go to find out.

You'll notice that most of the dates below have TBA marked as the venue. This is because during the tour Hunter will be making random stops at non-traditional venues in different cities before he becomes a pirate. I say pirate only because WFMU's OCDJ will be joining him on the sailboat tour. In case you didn't know, OCDJ actually wears a patch over his eye from a July 4th accident a few years back. He was actually 300 feet away from some person being irresponsible with fireworks when the accident happened. He's OK now and in good spirits.

A filmmaker will document the whole ordeal tour.


06.24.06 San Antonio,TX (The Limelight)
06.28.06 Houston, TX (Super Happy Funland)
06.30.06 Dallas, TX (tba)
07.01.06 Albuquerque, NM (Harlow's)
07.02.06 Phoenix, AZ (Trunk Space)
07.03.06 Tucson, AZ (36 Chambers)
07.05.06 San Diego, CA (tba)
07.07.06 Los Angeles, CA (tba)
07.09.06 San Francisco, CA (Hotel Utah)
07.10.06 Eugene, OR (tba)
07.12.06 Portland, OR (Towne Lounge)
07.13.06 Seattle, WA (S.S. Marie Antoinette)
07.14.06 Victoria, BC (tba) w/Shapes and Sizes
07.15.06 Vancouver, BC (tba) w/Shapes and Sizes
07.17.06 Olympia, WA (tba)
07.18.06 live on-air at KAOS
07.19.06 Boise, ID (tba)
07.20.06 Salt Lake City, UT (tba)
07.21.06 Denver, CO (Hi Dive)
07.22.06 Omaha, NE (O'Leavers)
07.23.06 Lincoln, NE (Chatterbox)
07.24.06 Ames, IA The (Practice Space)
07.25.06 Iowa City, IA (tba)
07.26.06 Columbia, MO (tba)
07.27.06 Holy Victrola: live on-air at KOPN
07.27.06 St. Louis, MO (tba)
07.28.06 Chicago, IL (tba)
07.29.06 Chicago, IL (Cobra Lounge)
07.30.06 Indianapolis, IN (tba)
08.01.06 Akron, OH (tba)
08.02.06 Kutztown, PA (GoodVibes)
08.03.06 Charlottesville, VA (Tea Bazaar)
08.04.06 Baltimore, MD (Talking Head)
08.05.06 Philadelphia, PA (Avant Gentlemens Lodge)
08.09.06 Portsmouth, NH (tba)
08.10.06 Portland, ME (Strange Maine)
08.11.06 Montreal, QB (tba)
08.12.06 Toronto, ONT (tba)
08.13.06 Rochester, NY (The Bug Jar)
08.15.06 Easthampton, MA (tba)
08.16.06 Boston, MA (tba)
08.17.06 Providence, RI (tba)
08.18.06 NYC, NY (tba)
08.19.06 NYC, NY (tba)
08.20.06 Norfolk, VA (Relative Theory)

Sailboat Tour along Intracoastal Waterway

09.05.06 Arlington, VA (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter
09.07.06 Chapel Hill, NC (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter
09.08.06 Knoxville, TN (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter
09.09.06 Atlanta, GA (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter
09.10.06 Nashville, TN (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter
09.11.06 Memphis, TN (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter
09.12.06 Conway, AR (tba) w/ Castanets, Jana Hunter

Peter And The Wolf

Peter And The Wolf Goes On Weirdest Tour Ever