Weekly Web Roundup

We're starting two new Friday features this week. The first is this, the Weekly Web Roundup, which will recap our favorite posts of the week from our favorite blogs (mostly), but also any other fun goings on around the interweb. The second is "Tripwire: In Case You Missed It," where we'll run down some of our beloved site's best offerings of the week. We know everyone's busy, so hopefully this will ensure that you don't miss anything important and/or fun and exciting. Here goes...

-Unreleased Sufjan Stevens Track available on Indie Anthems

-Rare Clash footage - "London Calling," "Train In Vain," "Guns Of Brixton," "Working For The Clampdown" performed on Fridays - available for download on Bedazzled.

-The craziest fucking Coldplay video you've ever seen on Stereogum.

-Midlake perform "Van Occupanther" live on the BBC via Gorilla Vs. Bear.

-TWO New Replacement songs on More Cowbell, well... 30 second clips of two new Replacement songs... but still cool.

-Daivd Blaine's super disgusting prune hands on Perezhilton... gross.

-NYC Album Art series on Gothamist.

-Gorillaz "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)" on Fluxblog.


Weekly Web Roundup