Blog Alert: rbally

I could be totally late on this one, but I just discovered rbally, a blog specializing in live performance recordings. Jennings, who runs the site, has some great taste in music - "playlist" includes Birdmonster, Ryan Adam & The Cardinals, Feist, Islands, Giant Drag, etc. - and somehow manages to find some killer audio from various live shows across the country. As with all live recordings, some are better than others and some sort of rating system might be nice, but there's some really cool stuff here. For example:

Feist @ Park West | CHI (audio quality: good)
Rhett Miller @ Tower Records | LA (audio quality: eh... not great)
Jeff Tweedy @ The Vic | CHI (audio quality: decent)
Sonic Youth @ some place in Paris (audio quality: good)
R.E.M. @ WLIR (1984) | NY (audio quality: decent)

There's a TON more. Head over and check it out.

Blog Alert: rbally