Snowboard On The Pavement? F*ck Yeah!

Now that summer is closing in fast, what's a snowboarder to do to live that Mountain Dew-drinking, EXTREME lifestyle? Skateboarding is one option, maybe bungee jumping or sky diving or something, but there is just something magical about the freedom of snowboarding, right? So what if I told you that one company has made it possible to snowboard on the pavement, that any street your neighborhood is now a snowboarding run and all the range of motion, the carving and the sliding is all possible on the street? Would you believe me? Well you should, cuz I'm a totally honest guy.

The company is called Freeboard and their boards are going to be the next, must have, hot shit item for any snowboarder/skateboarder on the planet. I was first introduced to these guys about a year ago by a colleague and was completely blown away. They just got a nice re-design of their website so I figured I'd give 'em another shout out.

You HAVE to at least check out the first video clip (all the way to the left) on their home page. It will blow your mind.


Snowboard On The Pavement? F*ck Yeah!