Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes

Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes is a much stronger, evolved, confident, mature record from the all female Canadians I was fortunate enough to meet three years ago via my friend Ben Lee. I've sat with the earliest of demos and I have seen them live more than twice, and now I am saying - strap yourselves in. Put on "Possible Harm" and if the melody doesn't make you skip, then call a doctor. Wonderful vocals are switched off between Laura Willis and Sara Moundroukas, with trademark harmonies in between. "First Waltz" has such a strong, heartfelt chorus but pay close attention to the lyrics and you might shed a tear on this one. The melody on "Only Feelgood" took me back to another time when music and girls were the only thing that mattered. You know that first day of fall, when the air is incredibly crisp and your moments of clarity are magnified 10x over? Well give the first full length album from Pony Up! a spin and you'll be right there. The girls say "Dance For Me" on track one - and dammit, I am right now.

PS Camilla, I miss you!

Pony Up!
Dim Mak

Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes