Tripwire: In Case You Missed It

-First of all, don't forget to update your picks!

-Want to be the next Chuck Klosterman? Or maybe you would prefer to just be in the band.

-The Tripwire Push Upstairs Podcast.008 features music from The Go-Betweens, Hockey Night, The Electric Soft Parade, Human Television, Beirut, The Panda Band, Pony Up! and Glacier Hiking.

-Our feature story this week was an exclusive behind the scenes with The Stills.

-New album reviews for Ramona Cordova, Peeping Tom, Pony Up!, The Electric Soft Parade, Radio 4, Bedroom Walls and Devotchka.

-Put on your best duds, hop on your snowboard, and get your party on in Chicago.

-Apparently Pete Doherty likes his blood.

-Live reviews for La Rocca in NYC, Sound Team in Chicago, TV On The Radio in Seattle and Evan Dando in Brooklyn.

-It's too bad Gnarls Barkley hates money because that new PS3 doesn't come cheap.

-Check out some cool streams/broadcasts/podcasts from Underworld, Johnny Rotten and Guillemots.

-RIP Grant McLennan

-Tripwire reader Jon Bahr shares his photos from the Tribeca/ASCAP Music Lounge in NYC.

-Is your music blog here?

-Muse has found their muse.

-Nick Cave and Raconteurs provide us with some visual entertainment.

-Tour information for Nouvelle Vague, Apples In Stereo, Raconteurs, Siren Festival, Grandaddy, The Stills, Futureheads, Human Television and Intonation.

Tripwire: In Case You Missed It