Damon Albarn VS Radiohead

Oh the humanity! I love me some Blur. I also love me some Radiohead. So what's a girl to do when two of her favorite bands just can't get along?

Found via Goldenfiddle and Gigwise:

The Blur and Gorillaz man has taken a swipe at Thom Yorke and co blasting them for their live shows and their lack of "humanity". According to the Sun Albarn said: "Radiohead - I'm not gonna get into anyone, but bands who care about certain things and then go on one-and-a-half-year stadium tours are just total hypocrites. In one sense you've got this developing humanist thing that's coming out of you, which is great. Then you're creating these massive impersonal events where you set up as the subject of thousands of people's adoration. Where is the humanity in that? That's just idolatory."

Albarn then went on to re-voice his already well known distaste for last year's Live 8 event, particularly the roles of Bob Geldof and Bono. He raged: "You can't question Geldof's passion. But him and Bono - if you're so interested and care about Africa, think about the people, see them as a neighbour. Be interested in what they are interested in and don't impose your own ideas. It's imperious, it really is."

Part of me secretly wants to side with Damon since:
a) I, like many of you, were denied Radiohead tickets last week.

b) The loyalty I held to Blur in the Blur vs. Oasis days.
c) Damon is just hotter.

However Thom's new record is around the corner and I am a HUGE fan him/them and their live shows...even if I can't get in.

Can't we just kiss and make up? Where is Jarvis Cocker when you need him?

Damon Albarn VS Radiohead