The Concretes' Gear Stolen In NYC

NYC is supposed to be safer than ever... so why do bands keep getting their gear stolen? In a sad turn of events, The Concretes are the latest to have experienced the wrath of musical instrument theft here in the Big Apple. The band got their guitars, an organ and a euphonium lifted from their locked trailer following last week's performance at NYC's Bowery Ballroom. The frustrated band sent this letter (via Brooklyn Vegan):

So, what are the new news? Well, we are out touring in America, and it is great and fun and fantastic. But we have definitely gotten our fair share of strife as well on this one. In short, this is what's been going down, starting with the bad news:

Some assholes stole all our guitars, one organ and one euphonium from our locked trailer in New York. That means stealing a major part of our sound and it sucks so hard and we are really quite fucking upset about it. If you are offered a really sweet deal on some vintage instruments in the NY-area then please first check against these serial numbers. In case of a match, report to us and give the seller a good punch in the face.

The band has also posted the specifics on each instrument stolen. If you happen to see these at your local pawn shop, lend a hand contact the fuzz.

Hagstrom Electric Guitar, Black, seventies, serial number 53954205
Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Brown, 1977, serial number S705180
Fender Jazzmaster, Sunburst, 1963, serial number L18531
Fender Jazz Bass, Sunburst, 1978, serial number S8851203
Fender Jazz Bass (Mexico), white, serial number MN2107649
Gibson Melody Maker, red, seventies. serial number 06206495
Euphonium JB Besson, serial number 554058
Korg CX3 Organ

The Concretes' Gear Stolen In NYC