The Tripwire Podcast

00:00:02    Silversun Pickups "Melatonin" (Dangerbird)
00:03:59    break one
00:05:37    Convoj "RAMJAC" (unsigned)
00:10:01    The Stills "Oh Shoplifter" (VICE)
00:13:14    Lions In The Street "Lady Blue" (unsigned)
00:16:57    break two
00:19:19    The Coral Sea "Look At Her Face" (Parasol)
00:23:17    Kite Flying Society "If I Could Split" (unsigned)
00:27:06    The More Assured "Beat You Down" (unsigned)
00:31:06    break three
00:33:00    Sound Team "Your Eyes Are Liars" (Capitol)

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The Tripwire Podcast