Ramones NYC Pilgrimage Today

Although this is already in progress, Ramones fans in the NYC area can still hop to it and join today's pilgrimage in honor of Joey Ramone's birthday. It is truly hard to believe that he has been gone for five years now. To celebrate the day of this rock & roll legend's birth, devoted Ramones followers are trekking around Queens and Manhattan all day. Gothamist posted the details via Nonesense-NY:

1. Meet around 11:30a in Forest Hills, Queens for the pilgrimage, on foot, from the original Rock and Roll High School into Manhattan. Be prepared to tell stories of punkrock glory (real or imagined) and to participate in whatever games we come up with along the way.

2. At 7p, the Hungry March Band and friends will be making a procession from Tompkins Square Park, snaking through the East Village, and ending up at CB's Gallery. For this we need more hands to carry the giglio. We also need people to bring offerings of flowers (real or fake), liquor, cigarettes, or other small things that represent something that you really care about.

3. Party and potluck dinner at CB's Gallery starting at 8p, featuring the Hungry March Band, the Ramoones, and Deva, as well as a Ramones cover open mike. Please write to Sara Valentine ( wordygurl@earthlink.net) in advance to sign up yourself and your Carbona-sniffing friends to play whatever Ramones song you know. We'll also be giving the winner of the Zippy the Pinhead look-alike contest a yummy award. $5 if you bring food or $10 without.

Hopefully the weather will get a bit better for the pilgrimage!

Ramones NYC Pilgrimage Today