Weekly Web Roundup

As always, there was some pretty great stuff out there in interweb land this week. Have a look below. Everything's worth checking out.

-Jodie Foster raps Eminem's "Lose Yourself" as the celebrity guest speaker at Penn's 2006 graduation. Watch it and laugh on Stereogum.

-Chicago's Walter Meego will get your butt shaking on Music (For Robots).

-Download TEN acoustic Radiohead tracks from a performance on KROQ's Breakfast Show (recorded September 29, 2003) on Skatterbrain.

-Download tracks from four-year-old Japanese-American indie rock star named Maya Bond and a Dallas-based group called Tree Wave that "makes shoegazy pop music and video using obsolete '70s and '80s computer and videogame gear accompanied by female vocals," on Gorilla Vs Bear.

-Robot surgeon performs unassisted heart surgery ON A HUMAN BEING? That seriously happened. Read about on Engadget

-Download seven Nirvana tracks recorded live @ Music Source Studios on January 1, 1991 on rbally.

-MP3 Blogosphere Presents: Visceral Song Moments on GoodHodgkins. This one is a MUST. It's all about that "moment" in a song that really means something special or is just plain old amazing and reminds you why you love music each time your hear it. A slew of music bloggers each picked a song (which you can download) and then described the "moment." It's a good read.

Weekly Web Roundup