Pulp Download Mania

Is my favorite band haunting me? It's unusual, but there are a lot of Pulp mp3's on the web right now. What's even weirder is that last week when I was at Virgin Records in Union Square I saw about 15 imports of We Love Life in the bargain bin. What's going on?

I know for a fact that Jarvis Cocker was in studio last year in California. I hear that he is possibly looking for a label for his new album, rumored to be called Warrior On The Edge Of Time, which also could be a reference to the Hawkwind album that bares the same name. I also know that he was in the studio again with Richard Hawley in the UK about a month or two ago. Hmmm....

I thought I would make a list of all these Pulp findings I have run across. Some might be old to you, and some might be new. Either way, all are good. Know of anymore? Let me know and I will add them to the list. Enjoy!

Free Pulp Downloads On The Internet:

Auto Festival performance 2002
Glastonbury Festival 1995
This Is Glastonbury 1998
"This Is Hardcore" Remix
His N Hers
Everybody's Problem
Masters Of The Universe
Sisters EP
"O.U." 12" Mix
"Underware" and "This Is Hardcore"
"The Fear"
"Underware (Live On The White Room)"
"Common People" and "Common People" cover by William Shatner
50 Greatest British Tracks Ever
"Help The Aged"
"Death Goes To The Disco"
"Babies," "Pink Glove" and "Sorted For E's And Wizz"
Pulp covering Thin Lizzy's "Whiskey In The Jar"
"I Spy"
"Birds In Your Garden"

Oh yeah, and don't even get me started on all the footage on YouTube.

Pulp Download Mania