Brett Anderson's New Site

Does this mean what I think it means?

Brett Anderson's new website

A message that reads:
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the site. Almost everything should be working now including most importantly the forum. There will be no strict policing of this as I believe that you as a community should be free to express yourselves however you feel, please just show some respect for my privacy and remember that I am a human being too. For the photographs section I have raided my cupboards and drawers and dusted off some old relics for your amusement. The music section will eventually have something there when I think the time is right but not just yet. I will try and keep the site a living, breathing thing by updating as much as I can and giving you as much input as possible but you must realize there will be limits. Please be patient with me and understand that sometimes it is important for an artist to be silent.

Cryptic song titles that say:

Even a selection of current "fascinations" including:
Flaming Lips, Kate Bush, Nico, Nick Drake, Clap Your Hands and more.

Should be interesting to see what happens.

The Tears

Brett Anderson's New Site