Plume Delivery EP

Chicago is a veritable hotbed of great new music and The 1900s are just one more example of that fact. Their retro pop psychedelia sound has this band literally on the tips of every indie-centric Chicagoan's tongue at the moment, and with good reason. Their debut "mini-album" features six tracks of glistening, sun shiny pop music filled with boy/girl harmonies and a whole slew of non-traditional rock & roll instruments. It's bombastic and fun, with a "hooray for summertime" vibe that will have the kids shakin' it till the wee hours of the AM.

Though the mini-album comes in at just under 24 minutes, songs like "Bring The Good Boys Home," "A Coming Age" and "Whole Of The Law" are enough to get anyone legitimately excited about this band. A few people outside of Chicago have been talking about these guys (Gorilla Vs Bear, for one), but if word hasn't reached you yet, consider this your warning. The 1900s are coming. Get ready.

The 1900s
"Bring The Good Boys Home" MP3 download

Plume Delivery EP