Live - TATSU YOU, EvCo @ Magic Mountain

Since the early days after the Civil War, Americans have set aside the last Monday of May to commemorate the U.S. men and women who died in military service for their country. So, nearly 150 years later, we celebrate this inherently somber holiday with BBQs, picnics and by riding roller coasters. Well, it is the official kick-off to amusement park season, no? Our friends at the World Famous KROQ ushered in the holiday weekend by closing down Six Flags' Magic Mountain last night, so a few fortunate clients and contest winners could preview the latest death-defying extravaganza - TATSU.

The kids in the Cornerstone West Coast hub headed up the 5 to Valencia for a night of short lines and kick ass roller coasters (not to mention a few carnival games, turkey legs and funnel cakes). Do yourself a favor, next time you're in the SoCal, feel what it's like to fly and ride TATSU. In the meantime, happy holidays from your friends at the Tripwire.

Ride Set List:


Batman The Ride
Tatsue (Encore)

Here's a link to Tatsu -- there's video on there too.

Live - TATSU YOU, EvCo @ Magic Mountain