Weekly Web Roundup

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-The "Best Album Of All Time" revealed by NME. Top 5 = Oasis, Beatles, Beatles, Radiohead, Oasis.

-Favorite song on Music For Robots this week is from a band called Arizona. They live in Brooklyn. It's kinda cutesy, but definitely worth checking out.

-A pair of mixtape projects available for download on Skatterbrain. He's got two - a "Sleepytime" and a "Summer Drive" mix. Good stuff.

-Two great things this week from Gorilla Vs Bear. First is Lily Allen's new mixtape (which is damn good) and second is a "Best Of May" post with a shit ton of great tracks to help get your download on.

-Coolest looking phone ever on Engadget. I don't really know what it is and those guys are much too smart for me to follow along, but I know this "Hermes" phone is going on my list to Santa.

-Damn, rbally rules. If you don't have this site bookmarked, you're missing out. This week's gems - Pixies @ W.E.R.S. Studios (Emerson College) from 1987, Tom Waits @ San Diego Folk festival from 1974, AND Music Blog Chart-topper Phoenix @ Koeln, Kultkomplex-Cafe from April of '06. We're not talking one or two songs, kids. I'm talkin' the WHOLE set.

-Carrot Top is f-ing ripped! Seriously, try making fun of him now. He'll kill you. Thanks Perez.

Weekly Web Roundup