It's summertime. It's time to drink (outside), party, dance, rock, make out and listen to loud, fun, warm weather rock & roll music. Thankfully, a young quartet from the Bay Area has arrived just in time to keep things interesting. They're called Every Move A Picture and if you really know your shit, you've already heard of them (buzzzzzz). They've been shaking asses up and down the west coast for a couple years now and winning fans along the way, not to mention landing a record deal with V2. Heart=Weapon is the band's debut full length and it will fit nicely on your shelf (or in your iPod) next to Maximo Park, The Rakes, or even VHS Or Beta. Though an '80s-inspired dance vibe is present throughout the entirety of this album, it never weighs too heavily on the music as a whole, nor does it come across as contrived. The jangly guitars and pulsating synths frame frontman Brent Messenger's voice perfectly as songs like "Signs Of Life," "Chemical Burns" and "On The Edge Of Something Beautiful (12am)" explode with excitement and energy.

Heart=Weapon won't see the light of day in the US 'till July 25, but the band will be touring the West Coast in June and will be joining label mates The Rakes on a North American trek in early July. If their live show (which was already amazing at SXSW 05) has gotten as sharp as this album might suggest, then get ready to have your heart sliced in two.

Every Move A Picture