Live - The Lovely Feathers @ Bowery Ballroom | NYC

The Lovely Feathers are Ted Suss, Noah Bernamoff, Mark Kupfert, Richard Yanofsky and Daniel Suss. Straight outta Montreal, the band unleashed a frenzy at Bowery on Friday night behind Dr. Dog and headliners, The Spinto Band.

Among the gathering crowd, The Lovely Feathers frolicked unabashedly amid their hyperbolic post-punk, while keyboardist Daniel sported silver Superman-style undies over a Big Bird-yellow spandex suit and bro Ted drummed shirtless. Contrast the Suss ensemble to frontman Richard's crewneck and collared tee, and there lay the appearance of a group rich in eccentricity rubbing sophisticated consciousness against flamboyant alter egos.

The group exuded a spunky stomp while bluntly annunciating on "In the Valley" as Richard and Mark faced each other to counterattack on vocals. In balancing the proper and the psychedelic, the band's amiable energy resembled the emotional drive behind the private mirror dance you secretly wish others could see.

Live, The Lovely Feathers are quirkier than their recorded output. Maybe it was Mark's seamless interpretative dance moves, the flare of Daniel's garb or even the row of supporting guitarists. As much as I enjoyed Dr. Dog and The Spinto Band, there was something about The Lovely Feathers' knee-jerking, Tenenbaum-esque enthusiasm that glossed the night and left me rooting for the opener.

The Lovely Feathers

Live - The Lovely Feathers @ Bowery Ballroom | NYC