Live - Radiohead @ Theater At Madison Square Garden | NYC

Last night my wife and I attended our third (and final) Radiohead concert of their current North American tour. After one night in Philly and two in NYC, I have to applaud Thom Yorke and the rest of the band for keeping their setlists relatively fresh, changing it up just enough each night to keep us very entertained.

The set began with a very nice surprise, "The Gloaming." The next several songs followed the same set that they have performed the last few nights, including "The National Anthem" and "Kid A." Once again Yorke was in a great mood, speaking with a bizarre French-like accent during most of his banter.

One of their new songs that seems to improve with every performance is "Videotape," especially when Jonny Greenwood's guitar chords mirror those of Yorke's piano work. It is a really cool musical effect that is definitely started to really come together. Radiohead's return to more guitar-driven songs is pretty damn cool as well, such as on "Bangers 'n' Mash," although I have yet to figure out Thom's appearance on a smaller drum kit during the last half of the tune.

One of those "holy shit" moments happened during the opening seconds of "My Iron Lung." When I heard Ed O'Brien's guitar fire up, I knew exactly what they were fixing to launch in to. As much as I love the more experimental, electro-flavored sounds of their most recent work, it is still great to hear the old-school, three-guitar assault of their earlier years. Another cool moment was "No Surprises," which was dedicated to Michael Stipe. Oh yeah, and that second encore of "Just" and "The Tourist." Simply brilliant.

Throughout the course of the evening, we caught glimpses of Elijah Wood (who sat behind me), Natalie Portman (while waiting to enter the after party) and even REM's Michael Stipe and Mike Mills. After enjoying a few beverages at the after party, catching glimpses of Colin, Phil and Ed, it was time to head back to the Dirty Jerz.

Now that I have seen them a total of six times, I can say without any hesitation that they are still my number one band on the planet. Here is the setlist, along with a few pictures from last night.

Radiohead - 06.14.06 - NYC
"The Gloaming"
"The National Anthem"
"15 Step"
"Kid A"
"Dollars And Cents"
"I Might Be Wrong"
"Paranoid Android"
"Bangers 'n' Mash"
"Pyramid Song"
"My Iron Lung"
"No Surprises"
"Everything In Its Right Place"

First Encore
"A Wolf At The Door"
"Down Is The New Up"
"Like Spinning Plates"

Second Encore
"The Tourist"

Live - Radiohead @ Theater At Madison Square Garden | NYC