Weekly Web Round Up

This week's best from around the interweb at your fingertips. Enjoy!!

-George Bush singing U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" on YouTube.

-WOXY.com's annual Modern Rock 500. Have a look.

-iPod compatible toilet paper dispenser for your bathroom. Thanks Daily Mail!

-New Lady Sov track, "Gatheration," from The FADER.

-Music (For Robots) has an Erol Alkan remix of Justice's "Waters Of Nazareth" from the EP of the same name.

-Check out "Slow Down Chicago" from the Windy City's very own Canasta on Skatterbrain.

-Division Day's new video for "Hurricane" on YouTube (via Gorilla Vs. Bear).

-Shitload of Jeff Tweedy live solo tunes on rbally. The tunes are pulled from a benefit Tweedy did in Chicago this April. There will be six parts to this post, but only the first four are live now. Here you go: 1, 2, 3, 4.

-George Washington comedic rap on YouTube. This shit is pretty funny - kinda crazy, but funny (and dirty).

-File this one under "crazy." Some weird foreigner has made a spandex jump suit thing that turns his movements into music. Check it out.

-Three songs from Cincinnati's The Light Wires are posted up at An Aquarium Drunkard. They're good songs.

-Listen to the latest Vice Records signing, Favourite Sons, on BadmintonStamps.

Weekly Web Round Up