Interscope To Release Feist Remix Album In The US

I bothered our pals over at Arts & Crafts for a copy of Feist's Open Season as soon as I got word of the Canadian release date back in March (or so). At the time, I was told that there were no plans to release this remix album in the US and I was feeling a little bummed out for the thousands of Feist fans who would never get to wrap their ears around the super stripped down version of "Inside + Out" or the Postal Service's remix of "Mushaboom," amongst other gems from this album.

Luckily for those kids, Interscope has decided to go ahead and release this Let It Die companion piece domestically on July 18.

"At first I didn't really understand what remixes were. If I squinted into the air I knew I could hear old songs with beats put to them piping out of radios, but didn't know why or how that happened," said Feist. "After I made Let It Die with Gonzo and Renaud they made some remixes that clued me into the fist pumping glory that acoustic songs can possess if supplied with the backbeat savvy. Then in London, a few months into touring the album, someone (Ungodly Hours) frisbeed an unmarked cd in a plastic slip onto the stage at me and later in my hotel I listened to it as a pre- sleep nightcap. It was so bizarre and exciting to hear a song ("Lonely Lonely") we had carefully dressed, be undressed and re-addressed. Put into clothes it would have never thought to wear on it's own."

Here's the full track listing:

01. "One Evening (Gonzales Solo Piano)"

02. "Inside+Out (Apostle of Hustle UnMix Live at the BBC with Janice Long)"
03. "Mushaboom (Mocky Mix)"

04. "Gatekeeper (One Room One Hour Mix)"
05. "Lonely Lonely (Ungodly Hours Mix)"
06. "Mushaboom (Postal Service Mix)"

07. "Snowlion (with ReadymadeFC)"

08. "Tout Doucement"
09. "Simple Story (with Jane Birkin)"
10. "Gatekeeper (Do Right Mix)"
11. "Mushaboom (VV Mix)"
12. "When I Was a Young Girl (VV Mix)"
13. "Mushaboom (k-os Mix)"
14. "One Evening (VV Mix)"

Summer Festival Tour dates:

06.25.06 - New York, NY (Central Park Summer Stage)

08.05.06 - Chicago, IL (Lollapalooza)

09.04.06 - Seattle, WA (Bumbershoot Festival)

09.15.06-09.17.06 - Austin, TX (Austin City Limits Festival)

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Interscope To Release Feist Remix Album In The US