Sebadoh's III Returns

The great people at Domino will be putting out the reissue of what many consider the definitive album from Sebadoh. Their long out-of-print album, III, will be transformed into a double disc collection of greatness, available for purchase on August 8. This is one of Lou Barlow's shining moments, so now we can all go out and replace our originals that are scratched beyond belief. The first disc contains the original twenty-three track album, while the second features a smorgasbord of rarities such as singles, remixes and demos.

Disc One
01. "The Freed Pig"
02. "Sickles And Hammers"
03. "Total Peace"
04. "Violet Execution"
05. "Scars, Four Eyes"
06. "Truly Great Thing"
07. "Kath"
08. "Perverted World"
09. "Wonderful, Wonderful"
10. "Limb By Limb"
11. "Smoke A Bowl"
12. "Black Haired Gurl"
13. "Hoppin' Up And Down"
14. "Supernatural Force"
15. "Rockstar"
16. "Down Mind"
17. "Renaissance Man"
18. "God Told Me"
19. "Holy Picture"
20. "Hassle"
21. "No Different"
22. "Spoiled"
23. "As The World Dies The Eyes Of God Grow Bigger"

Disc Two
01. "Gimme Indie Rock"
02. "Ride The Darker Wave"
03. "Red Riding Good"
04. "New King"
05. "Calling Yog Soggeth"
06. "Stored Up Wonder (Supernatural Force)"
07. "Melting Wall (Holy Picture)"
08. "Design"
09. "Attention"
10. "Stars For Eyes"
11. "Unseen Waste"
12. "Violet Execution (Remix '04)"
13. "As The World Turns"
14. "Cranberry Bog"
15. "The Devil's Reggae"
16. "The Freed Pig (4 Track)"
17. "Never Jealous"
18. "Showtape '91"

Sebadoh's III Returns